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About Brian Hill and Dee Power

Over their two decades as writers, Brian and Dee have written about a wide variety of subjects including small business management, venture capital, vacation travel, gardening, stock market strategy, 18th century Caribbean pirates, personal finance, dogs, pro football, ghosts, Western history, cooking, camping, health and wellness, and golf.

Their writing credits include novels, non-fiction books, web content, newspaper and magazine articles in print and online. They have written and been paid for millions, yes, millions of words.

Brian Hill is originally from the Midwest. He now resides in the sunny Southwest, where he is thrilled to be able to play golf year-round. Though he wishes he could play as well as the main character in his new murder mystery series, a pro golfer/detective named Tom Colt.

Dee Power was born on the East Coast and grew up on the West Coast. She loves camping, cooking and eating, not necessarily in that order.

Both Dee and Brian have Master of Business Administration (MBA), and Bachelor of Science degrees. Brian also studied screenwriting at UCLA, earning a Certificate in Feature Film Writing with, oddly, higher grades than in MBA school.

Their management consulting company has helped thousands of entrepreneurs become successful through their services, conferences, classes, lectures, and books. They assisted small business owners with the creation of more than 100 business plans.

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